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What is Beneficent?


Beneficent sells cosmetics which are handmade, all-natural, and with targeted healing properties. I draw on a long history of traditional and holistic medicine to choose specific botanical ingredients for their healing properties; I combine these different ingredients into custom blends, which I use to make cosmetics which both smell gorgeous and support your wellbeing. 

My goal with Beneficent is to continue a long tradition of turning to nature to support our wellbeing in ways which are gentle and sustainable. I have endeavoured to create products which make natural healing accessible to everyone. 

My soaps come in a range of natural scents, utilising oils, herbs, flowers, essential oils, and other botanical ingredients to create blends which look, smell and feel beautiful. Each ingredient is chosen carefully to curate a blend which has specific, targeted therapeutic and healing properties. My energy balms are designed to support your mood through essential oil blends. My salves feature plants I have picked myself, ingredients which have been used for centuries for their healing powers; by infusing these ingredients in oil and turning them into salves, I have created easily utilised products. Click here to see more products, and to find out more about them. 

I believe in transparency and education, so I have also created a glossary of all of the ingredients I use. Click here to find out more about the healing properties of everything I use in my products! 

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